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OH MY GOSH GUYS. THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! "What day?" the less informed of you may ask. (Actually, this day arrived a week ago, but I fail at life so hard right now that, you know, here I am now. We'll pretend I'm on top of things (which is admittedly quite a bit harder now that I am admitting it on my own website, for all the interwebs to see)).

I had a point once. Then someone gave me a computer and a credit card and the knowledge from my journalism design class to create a website, and BOOM! Valerie gets to annoy the people now. All of the people.

So here's my point: I started working on an EP about a bajillion years ago. It seems like it, anyway. A lot of work went into it, and, let's be honest, there were some battles with my producer, haha. ANYWAY! It's done, it's out there, and IT'S GOOD according to some people I know, but not my parents, because they haven't figured out how to get it yet. HI DAD, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, BECAUSE I KNOW YOU READ MY WEBSITE SOMETIMES!

Through all of my rambly rambliness, I'm sure you're wondering why I'm an idiot, but also WHERE YOU CAN ACQUIRE SUCH AN EXQUISITE ALBUM, which is an EXCELLENT question! So nice of you to ask! It is on iTunes. It is on Amazon. It is on Google Play. And, if you like to try before you buy, or if $3.96 is a little too much for you to spend to have me in your head (believe me, I understand!), no worries. Take a listen on Spotify, and STOP BEING SO CHEAP LIKE THE REST OF MY FRIENDS. It's $4. Come on.

I'm not judging...I love you all, probably. I mean, really. If you're taking the time to come to my website and actually read the nonsense I'm writing right now, then I really, truly do love you.

I need to get more sleep.